Venus de Milo :

A Beauty with no Arms

70/52 min | 2021


YUZU Productions in coproduction with Anemon Productions

in coproduction with ARTE France

with the participation of SVT, Cosmote TV and Ceska TV


with the support of the CNC and Ile-de-France Region

developed with the support of Creative Europe / Media


Along with the Mona Lisa, she is the star of the Louvre Museum. Ever increasing numbers of visitors flock in their millions to pay their respects. She has been a source of fascination and inspiration ever since her discovery on a Greek island in 1820. From romantics to surrealists, artists, film directors and writers obsessively worship her. She is the disarmed beauty – the Venus de Milo. Two metres of white marble and mystery, onto which fantasies have been projected for the last two centuries.

Why her? What gives her this aura, this power? How, out of all ancient masterpieces, has she become this timeless and universal major pop icon?

As we celebrate two hundred years since her arrival at the Louvre, we shall revisit her history to lift the veil on one of the most beautiful enigmas in the history of art.