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YUZU Productions

YUZU Productions is a Paris-based film production company created in 2012 by Fabrice Estève and Christian Popp, two producers who have put their international experience and knowledge in common to produce high quality and challenging factual media content for television, the cinema screen and digital media. Since 2023, the company is run by Fabrice Estève.

Since its creation YUZU Productions has produced more than 50 films, most of them in coproduction with international producers, and with broadcasters such as ARTE, SHOWTIME DOCUMENTARY FILMS, France Televisions, Smithsonian Networks, Al Jazeera Networks, ZDF, CCTV10, RTS, RTBF, VRT, SVT, TVC, TVE, YLE, S4C, TG4, CBC, UR, RTP, Ceska Televise, ERT...

The company has been four time of the 6 nominees for the prestigious Best Documentary Producer of the Year Procirep awards in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2021.

We are eclectic in the genres we produce: science, health, environment, history, social issues, arts, investigation, current affairs, human interest, sports, adventure, discovery....

Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to East Asia, hybrid of mandarin and wild lemon. Zest and juice are used in Japanese and Korean cuisines and increasingly by Western chefs. The Yuzu fruit has a powerful aroma, its essential oil is used as a fragrance. The Yuzu tree is cold-hardy, and thus can be grown in regions with winters at least as low as -9°C (15°F) where most sensitive citrus would not thrive.

YUZU Productions is member of the Ecoprod Charter.

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