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Russia vs. Russia

52 min   |  Stephane Bentura  |  2021    


in co-production with ARTE GEIE and VFS Films (Latvia)

in collaboration with SVT, RTBF, RTS, CANAL + Poland, Ceska Televizie, LTV

with the support of Creative Europe, CNC and Procirep / Angoa

International sales: JAVA FILMS


Twenty years after Vladimir Putin came to power, Russia is deeply divided. A young, modern generation has emerged who oppose the regime's ever growing repression. Meanwhile the Kremlin, which retains the support of much of the older generation, has hardened its repression against all opposition. Who are these ordinary people dreaming of a different Russia? What price will they pay for the justice and freedom they desire? We interview both sides and show what is at stake for everyone. 


In the last 20 years, the right to demonstrate has been increasingly restricted by laws passed in order to justify and legitimise the repression of opposition. A dozen opposition members have been poisoned. Alexei Navalny is only the latest name in an ever-growing list. When he surprised everyone by returning to Moscow, Olga was one of those who tried to go to the airport to meet him.  She also went to one of the demonstrations Nalvany called for, a decision that would have serious consequences…


The Russia regime promotes the idea that foreign agents feed Western Russophobia, and that Navalny, his supporters, NGOs, and journalists are all complicit in this. But Navalny and his supporters, as well as dissidents both inside and outside Russia, tell a different story. They say that President Putin’s regime is a kleptocracy.

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