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The Perfect Meal

70/52/5 x 25 min | Alexandros Merkouris | 2023


Anemon Productions (Greece), YUZU Productions, Abacus (Spain), Bassim Pictures (South Korea)

in coproduction with ARTE GEIE, ERT and Cosmote TV

With the participation of RTS, RTVE

With the support of the CNC, EUROPE CREATIVE - MEDIA and the John S. Latsis Foundation, ATSAS, EKOME, KOKA

International sales: FIRST HAND FILMS


It is no secret that food has a positive or negative influence on our body. And many of us know that the Mediterranean Diet - consisting of plant based foods such as vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes and fruits, with few or no animal products - is good for our health. But few of us know how particular plants affect different parts of our body, but also how the food we eat can act as medicine, if used correctly.

The Perfect Meal explores the most recent science behind the Mediterranean diet, looking into the pioneering research which seeks to understand why and how certain food combinations can prevent heart disease, cancer, obesity and brain aging.

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