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Orcas Under Threat

52 min | Yanick Rose | 2020

A coproduction Anthro Media (Germany), YUZU Productions (France), Ferns Productions (Canada), in association with Vulcan Productions (United States), ARTE, ZDF, CBC, Radio Canada, 3 Sat, SVT, CT, RSI, NC + Poland, LRT, RTV, RTVS, S4C.


With the support of the MEDIA - Europe Creative program.

International sales: NEWDOCS

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Once feared as apex predators, orcas or killer whales are now seen as intelligent, emotional and social in ways remarkably like human beings. And they are in danger. Orcas under threat explores the ground-breaking research that lies behind these shifts in perception and documents the key roles and contributions of a remarkable group of life-long orca scientists, many of whom live and work on Canada’s West Coast.

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