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Sport : Le revers de la médaille

90/52 min | Xavier Deleu & Yonathan Kellerman | 2014


YUZU Productions, Découpages, Arte France, with the support of CNC and Procirep / Angoa

Also broadcast on RTS (Switzerland), RTBF (Belgium), Phoenix TV, Spiegel TV (Germany), TVE (Spain), ORF (Austria), CFI (Africa), Medisat1 (Morocco), TG4 (Ireland), DR (Denmark) ), DRS (Switzerland), SVT (Sweden), TVI (Portugal), TVP (Poland), LCP-AN (France) ...

International sales: JAVA FILMS


The sports industry is the world’s number one source of entertainment. It produces heroes, crafts legends, and reaps billions in revenues. Yet, many athletes retire only to wake up to a life fraught with pain, anxiety, depression, and incurable diseases. When former hockey players commit suicide, middle-aged football players succumb to dementia and retired boxers lose their limbs to steroids, we ask ourselves: is there a life after sport? Have sports gone too far?

Award : Best Foreign Film, International Sports film festival, Parlermo, 2015 

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