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Crash - Are we ready for the next crisis?

52 min | Eve Minault | 2019


in coproduction with ARTE GEIE

in collaboration with Public Senate

with the support of the CNC

International sales: JAVA FILMS

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We are facing today a new economic crisis. Twelve years after the 2008 crash, the side effects of the management in the aftermath, that benefited the world of finance and further enriched the rich shareholders at the cost of fiscal austerity, are here: the presidency of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote, or even the assumption of power by European nationalists...Not forgetting the “yellow vests“ movement in France and the discontented middle classes who are struggling to make ends meet at the end of each month. Completed shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, CRASH shows how unprepared the world economy was for that new shock, but asks still essential questions about the future.

The film exposes the main financial, economic, ecological, political and societal ingredients of the current crisis. They can also be seen as challenges for the future. Is there sufficient intelligence, political will, and necessary solidarity to face them?

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