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Free to run

100 min   |   Pierre Morath   |  2016    

YUZU Productions, Point Prod, Eklektik, Arte France Cinéma, RTS, RTBF, Proximus

Theatrical release in France (Jour2fête), Switzerland (Outside the box), Belgium (Imagine films), Germany (DCM), United States (IFC / Sundance selects), UK(Studio Canal), Australia & New Zealand (Madman), Greece (Danaos), Croatia, Bosni-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia (Demiurg), Russia (Beat Film), Italy (Kitchen Film)... 



 international Sales: JOUR2FÊTE

FREETO RUN Thumbnail F.jpg

Running has never been so popular. Millions of men and women enjoy it everywhere. Strangely, 50 years ago this activity was the exclusive privilege of an elite of only men, only inside stadiums. Sports federations and Olympic authorities made the rules. Running was even considered unhealthy and women were banned from running more than 800 meters... This film tells the extraordinary story of the grassroots running movement over the last 50 years, featuring its heroes – the stars and the anonymous, men and women who ran for freedom.

Festivals : Sport, Cinéma, Littérature (Institut Lumière, Lyon), FIC Monterey (Mexico), Festival 2 Valenciennes, Festival International du Film d’Environnement (Paris), Festival Atmosphères (Courbevoie), Docville (Leuven, Belgium); BAFICI (Buenos Aires), Sydney Film Festival, New Zeland international Film Festival, Stronger than Fiction (Canberra, Australia), Festival Transatlantyk (Lodz, Poland), Pelicam (Romania), Docs against gravity (Poland), Stockholm French Film Fest  

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