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The Race To Dope

90/52 min | Xavier Deleu | 2016


in coproduction with Découpages (France) & Revanche Produções (Brazil)

in coproduction with ARTE France, Globo Filmes

with the support of the CNC

Also broadcast by
RTS (Switzerland), ABC (Australia), Al Jazeera international, NTV, EESTI (Estonia), Channel 8 (Israel), MBC (Middle East), SVT (Sweden), Latvia, Phoenix (Hong Kong), Multichannel (Spain), PTS (Taiwan), RUV (Iceland), VG tv (Norway), Globo TV (Brazil) ...

International sales: JAVA FILMS


Not a single week goes by without a new doping scandal in the world of sports. Cheating has never been so frequent (positive tests went up 20% worldwide between 2012 and 2013,). But how does the doping system really work? Who designs doping programs? Who creates, supplies, injects enhancement drugs? What are the networks? Who pays what? How are controls thwarted? Are sports institutions complicit? Can athletes go “Faster, Higher, Stronger” without doping? Is the fight against doping definitively lost?

This film, which will be ready for broadcast before the coming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, will investigate a clandestine international system.

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