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God Goes to University

52 min   |   Annick Redolfi   |  2019     


YUZU Productions, TVM Est Parisien, Public Sénat, CNC, Fond Images de la diversité 

Developed with the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA programme of the European Union


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How can we imagine an imam, a rabbi, a priest, a pastor, a Buddhist, and public officials talking together about secularism, abortion, the place of women in society, or religious extremism, with total freedom of speech and tone, in terms that are accessible to all? By pushing the door of Emouna, the Amphi of religions, and spending a year amongst them.
This first, inter-religious training in France, and in the world, initiated by Sciences Po after the 2015 attacks, brings together around thirty active religious and secular leaders each year. The goal: to open dialogue between religions and find the keys to build a better life together in a multiple and secular France.
An extraordinary story that must urgently be told to show that everything is still possible.

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