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Weed, Greed and Legalization

90/52 min   |   Xavier Deleu & Stéphanie Loridon  |  2019   


YUZU Productions, ARTE France, Planète+, CNC, with the support of the Procirep

Developed with the support of Creative Europe - programme MEDIA 

International sales: JAVA FILMS

CANNABIS Thumbnail E.jpg

What happens when states attempt to supplant illegal cannabis markets dominated by organized crime by creating legal markets?
More and more states around the world are turning away from fifty years of expensive and ineffective repressive drug policies. They are choosing another path: direct intervention in certain drug markets, by regulating and/or controlling their functioning. Their motives are varied: improving public health, ending prison overcrowding, and deprive criminal organizations of part of their resources. What are the issues involved in legalizing cannabis? Will all the promises of legalization be kept? And how do the cartels react? Who will benefit from this legalization?

Filmed in the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Mexico and several European countries, this documentary will mainly explore the issue of cannabis, but it will also discuss the impact of its legalization on other drugs. This cultural and political revolution, carried by social rights activists for more than twenty years, could well be confiscated by private investors with growing appetites...

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