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The Dayton Legacy:
A Fragile Peace

52 min  | Pierre-Olivier François I 2023     


YUZU Productions in coproduction with ARTE France, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, Al Jazeera Balkans,  in collaboration with Public Sénat, Radio-Canada, RTS, SVT.

With the support of the CNC, Procirep/Angoa

International sales:


After Ukraine, could Bosnia-Herzegovina stumble into a new war? Bosnia a small, fragile and multi-ethnic state is stuck between identity crises and foreign influences, institutional fragmentation and secessionist temptations. A straitjacket that goes back to the Dayton Peace Agreements, reached at the end of 1995 by the USA and Europe to put an end to four years of a bloody war, which cost 100,000 deaths, two million refugees and 1,465 days of siege of Sarajevo. 30 years later, the Dayton Peace Agreements still regulate the institutions and life of Bosnians. The film will show that if it is very hard to end a war, it is even more difficult to achieve peace.

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