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Une aventurière en Irak 
Gertrude Bell

90 min | Zeva Oelbaum & Sabine Krayenbühl | 2017


Between the Rivers Ltd (USA) and YUZU Productions
with the participation of ARTE France

funded by the National Endowment for Humanities.

International sales :

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Adventurer, spy, and diplomat, Gertrude Bell left the confines of Edwardian England to seek freedom and independence in the Arabian desert and became the most powerful woman of her day in the British Empire. She drew the borders of Iraq and founded the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities, which was infamously ransacked during the American invasion in 2003. Overshadowed after her death for nearly a century by the legend of T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Bell left behind an extraordinary cache of letters and photographs that reveal what it really meant to be a woman ahead of her time.

Letters From Baghdad tells the story of a complex woman who was constantly forced to choose between two colliding worlds—the Iraqi people vs. the British upper classes, the Arabian desert vs. England, and emotion vs. reason. Gertrude Bell was an unapologetic trailblazer and her dramatic story is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Festivals and Awards : Audience Award, Beirut International Film Festival 2016, Selections: BFI London Film Festival 2016, IDFA 2016, DOC NYC 2016, HAIFA FILM FEST 2016, DOC NYC 2016, Il Cinema Ritrovato Bologna 2016

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