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The Antivax Conspiracy

90/52 min   |  Lise Barnéoud & Marc Garmirian with Colette Camden & Flora Bagenal  |  2021  


in coproduction Quicksilver Media Ltd, Caravan Media Ltd, ARTE France, with the participation of Channel 4, RTBF, RTS

International sales: All 3 Media


An anxiety-provoking period, a plethora of unknowns and a gigantic vaccination operation...the antivax were not mistaken: the Covid crisis represents an unexpected opportunity to extend their influence a little more.

Through the emblematic journey of Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor behind a fraudulent study establishing a link between vaccination and autism, this film plunges us into the recent history of the antiwax movement. A radical movement, opposed  to all vaccinations. A very minority movement, but so noisy  that it can sway those who have legitimate questions about vaccines.

Unveiling the relays of influence, financial support, and the methods of the antiwax movemen, the film allows us to understand the methods of these merchants of doubt and the consequences of their actions.

Best investigative documentary

Association for International Broadcasting Awards 2021

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