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Fabrice Estève

produces documentaries and magazines since 1994, mostly with international partners. He worked for Télé Images (1994-1996), VM Group (1996-1999), Ampersand (1999-2004), Gédéon Programmes (2005-2007) and Docside Production (2008-2010). In 20 years he has produced more than 120 hours of documentaries. He has a master’s degree in cinema and audiovisual arts, a master’s degree in audiovisual law and management. He took part in the Eurodoc program in 2001. He is also a cofounder and the current President of the French Science and Television association and of the Pariscience film festival, and an active member of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers since 1995. In 2013 he also co-founded the French Sports & Films Group.

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